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The Forward-Thinking Approach

to SME IT Solutions You've Been Waiting For

How IT HERO  improve the performance and capability of your IT?

  • Thanks to our innovative approach to services like remote VPNs, you'll finally be able to leverage secure links between offices - even in other countries - in a way that transforms your people into the truly mobile workforce you need.

  • We're prepared to work on your behalf with your many different equipment and software suppliers, giving you a single point of contact to turn to whenever the need arises.


  • We guarantee not only the protection of your systems and your data, but compliance with all of the rules and regulations you need to follow in your industry.

  • We'll perform an extensive audit of your infrastructure, making sure that you're not only properly equipped to deal with the challenges of today - but that you're ready for the ones that tomorrow might hold, too.

IT HERO's Approach

to SME IT Support


We understand that every SME is a little bit different from the next - which is why there's truly no "one size fits all" approach to IT support for these businesses.

You can't create a competitive advantage for yourself if you're forced to use the same technology that everyone else uses - and you can't continue to expand and mature if your

IT was never designed in a way to support that.

This is all why we're not only prepared to provide you with the IT infrastructure and related services that you need, but we can do so in a way that continues to grow and evolve as your SME does the same.

Not only can we provide you with the fully custom solutions that your SME needs to create a genuine competitive advantage, but we can also unlock opportunities for optimization and increased productivity, can assist with employee onboarding and training and much, much more.


The majority of SMEs will be out of business in just six months time following a disaster like a data breach or catastrophic data loss. At Levit8, we'll help make sure that does NOT happen to you.


Tired of trying to make sense of multiple contracts, all with their own unique terms of service agreements? You can let us handle all of this on your behalf.


Your employees will have everything they need to be just as productive at a client's location as they are in the comfort of their own office.


You need to be able to work at all hours of the day or night to serve your clients. Now, finally, you'll have the IT solutions that can help make that happen.

Our Software

At IT HERO we fully support all of the technology that your SME needs to thrive, like Office 365, Atone, Filebound, and Xero. We even support Myob for accounting, too.


is Just a Phone Call Away

If you're looking for a way to construct the type of forward-thinking IT infrastructure that actually grows and evolve with your SME,

we believe you've just found it.

Contact us today or click the button below so that we can get started helping your organization soar.

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