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IP Faxing

IT Hero uses VoIP technology to provide an IP Faxing solution over your wired or wireless broadband Internet connection (FoIP).

Government departments, professional firms and financial institutions still rely on faxing to send and receive documents.  Moreover, legal documents that require signatures are also still sent by fax.

For the purpose of real-time faxing, We enabled the T.38 fax protocol throughout its network.

The T.38 protocol ensures that there is no longer a need to store and send faxes at a later stage.

 In some professions, such as the legal profession, it’s essential to send and receive faxes in real-time in order to abide by certain rules of evidence.

Notably, the traditional fax machine can now transmit across an invisible IP network which circumvents the expensive landline networks.

All you’ll need to start sending and receiving faxes over your internet connect is an adapter, plugged into your fax machine, and a VoIP line.

Monthly Service Fee:


Contract Term:


(incl. VAT)

Why you should choose an IP Faxin (FoIP) Solution:

Notably, reduce your monthly call charges by up to 50% with our local, national, mobile and international call rates. IT Hero VoIP call rates

  • Real-time faxing is achieved due to the T.38 fax protocol which is enabled throughout our network.

  • Save between 30% and 50% on your monthly fax transmissions because of our local, national and international rates.

  • Choose between a geographic or non-geographic fax numbers or keep your main fax numbers when you port to IT Hero.

  • Sign-up on a month to month contract.

  • A VoIP line used for faxing only costs R49 a month including VAT, which is a quarter of the cost of other landline alternatives.

  • Get portable fax numbers for your business – no need to transfer the numbers when you move or go on holiday. Your number moves with you to a new physical location.


Monthly Service Fee:

  • : R49.00 (including VAT)


  • A IT HERO VoIP Solution

  • A Fax Machine and an Analogue Phone Adapter (ATA).

  • Reliable Broadband Internet connection

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