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Professional Voice Recording (IVR)

We offer a professional South African voice recording (IVR) service for all your switchboard messaging requirements, at a fraction of the cost that you would usually pay to add this professional touch to your switchboard solution.


You can choose from two customised voice recording packages or any ad hoc recordings that your business might require from time to time.

In effect, your tone of voice can say a lot about your business, whether you want to sound polished and professional, or friendly and relaxed.

Consequently, Our voice messaging will help you to give callers the perfect first impression.

Our professional voice artist will record your greetings and switchboard prompts, following a script you specify in a voice style you prefer.


Thereafter, a VoIP Specialist will add the messages to your IT Hero Hosted Switchboard solution.



See Pricing for packages

(incl. VAT)

Why Choose a Professional Voice Recording (IVR) for your Hosted Switchboard:

  • Make sure your Switch Telecom Hosted Switchboard sounds as good as it works.

  • Save time trying to record professional messages yourself as it’s much harder than you might anticipate.

  • Save money trying to source and hire your own voice over artist because it’s much more expensive than you might think.

  • Pick a tone of voice which will best represent your brand and the way you do business.

  • Connect with your customers because you are using a professional South African voice artist.

  • Specify the script and customise how the messages play on your Switch Telecom Hosted Switchboard.

  • Hassle free setup because a Switch Telecom VoIP Specialist will integrate the professionally recorded messages onto your Hosted Switchboard Solution.

  • Record welcome, on hold, interactive voice recording and after hour messages.

  • Advertise your products and services with marketing and virtual tour messages.

  • Choose between two customised voice recording packages or select the ad hoc option which your business might require from time to time.

  • In conclusion, pay a cost effective once-off fee and give your business the professional voice it deserves.


Once Off Service Fee:

VoICE Pro 1

6 professionally recorded Switchboard messages – R855.00 (including VAT)

VoICE Pro 2

10 professionally recorded Switchboard messages – R1,140.00 (including VAT)

Ad Hoc Messages – R499.00 (including VAT) per message

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